Tuesday, 15 June 2010

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Monday, 14 June 2010

5 images of Final Environment

Merkel's office on the right, is a heavily solid structure. Her office is boxes and rectangles cutting into each other. This idea I took from the point perspective drawing we did in studio class. This is to demonstrate her political power and strength. Abiding by rigid laws in order to run a country.
Merkel's elevator. I decided to keep with the "box" theme On different faces I either indented the main body of teh elevator of extruded rigid parts. The direction of the elevator movement only goes up and down. To give the feel of her having to give decisions which are exact and clearly defined.
Using the box theme similar to Merkel's elevator, I designed Merkel's side of the dinning table as an office desk which is another symbol of her power "behind the desk" in an office. The extruded segments on top of the dinning table, imitate the German city skyline and how Merkel side of the table is also the support system for Kerr's side of the table. Her design represents her powerful exterior image amongst the public, sleek, slim and modern. I have also extruded three hooks which she can use to hang clothing which I imagine would be part of their discussion.
In attempt to contrast with Merkel's office, I decided to have Kerr's bridge and office of a rounded curve shape. this is also to fit with her flexible character. The bottom part of her elevator is meant to represent a yoga mat which is what believes keeps her beauty and health which is a main key to her power figure. The elevator moves in a diagonal direction to avoid the waterfall. The diagonal movement is reference to her futuristic philosophies of not dwelling in the past. This is so because diagonal movement in elevators have not been seen much in our society yet.
This is an overview shot from the other side seeing the vastness of the valley and the clearing where they will be meeting. This image is most meant to imitate the original valley in Hamburg. however I have altered its width to be wider and more spacious.

Elevator Perspectives and Views

Kerr's elevator
View from above
View from below

Merkel's elevator
View from above
View from below

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Another 2 images - Draft Environment

These next two draft environment images capture the space which the office, bridge and elevator occupy for the two clients. The image above shows the space below the cloud where Miranda's office and bridge will span to the waterfall. Kerr's space is a lot more open. Because she has been described as an inside-out beauty.
Thsi image shows the opening of Merkel's cave. The cave idea was to demonstrate, Merkel's inner power, not in looks and beauty but political power.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Mash Up

"The word power is ambiguous and mystifying
Power is interrelated and measurable
The word power is vague and ambivalent
Everybody is believed to have some form of power"

Angela Merkel, Miranda Kerr, Helen Kellar are woman of power. But what power?
Being in the league of the most beautiful women in the world, Miranda has indirectly been blessed with power not many people ever experience in their life. To accompany her exterior beauty her strong character is her "backbone to success". Her co-workers describe her as full of "determination, commitment and ambition." These are all powerful words which are an unyielding influence on the younger generation especially young women.
Angela has a responsibility to her country, she is a head figure who "has steered Germany through difficult times". Her "dowdy image" is the not the cause for her popularity and power instead it is her words, and "actions that are life-changing to many people" and therefore her purpose as German Chancellor comes with a lot of power attached.
Its hard to imagine someone like Helen Kellar could be bestowed with such influence and power. Being unfortunately blind since her birth Kellar would be in no position to be the Angela Merkel or Miranda Kerr of the world. Howeve she has found her form of power through intelligence and knowledge. Her power is shone through in achievements, mainly being able to "speak the language of the sighted" as well as later being the first deaf/blind person to gain a degree in university.
All three women have defined power in distinctive ways. They have used there abilities to conquer extraordinary things which have rewarded them with power to influence and change.

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Saturday, 22 May 2010

18 Axonometric sketches

Two Point Perspective

One Point Perspective